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Welcome to CGCEO

A New Website is coming soon! In the meantime, browse our archival website for informational purposes.

Our Purpose is to foster interdisciplinary approaches for understanding global change at all scales using the tools of both the social and bio-physical sciences.

The Center is also committed to applying its research and expertise to inform both public and private decision making on critical global environmental change issues.

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Previous Awards

  • 2010 USDA/Animal & Plant Health Inspection Service: "Risk Analysis database for Optimal Spatio-temporal Targeting of Pathways for Specialty Crops". Manuel Colunga-Garcia, Primary Invetigator.
  • 2010 MEXT (Japan's Ministry of Science and Education): "Constructing Satellite-based Land and Ecosystem Monitoring System and International Network for Food and Envronmental Intelligence". Jiaguo Qi, Primary Investigator, in collaboration with Yoshio Inoue of Japan's National Institute for Agro-Environmental Sciences (NIAES)
  • 2009 United States Department of Agriculture, CRIS: "Limiting Bird Damage to Fruit Crops: A Planning Program to Identitify Research Directions for the Future", Catherine Lindell, Primary Investigator.
  • 2009 Berryman Foundation: "Bird Damage to Cherry Crops: Quantifying Impacts of Different Bird Species", Catherine Lindell, Primary Investigator.
  • 2009. National Science Foundation: "Bird and Bat Effects on Arthropod Densities and Herbivory in Tropical Forest Restoration Sites", Catherine Lindell Primary Investigator - for PhD Candidate Emily Morrison's Dissertation.
  • 2009. National Areonautics and Space Administration: "China's Urbanization and its Sustainability under Future Climate Change", Peilei Fan, Primary Investigator; Joe Messina, Nathan Moore and CGCEO alumnus Jianjun Ge, co-Investigators.

Previous Workshops

Dr. Catherine Lindell, organizer for Traverse City Workshop. "Limiting bird damage in fruit crops: A planning program to identify research directions for the future". Click here to view the Research Roadmap

Dr. Qi was an organizer for the NASA Workshop. "Monitoring land cover, land use and fire in agricultural and arid regions of Northern Eurasia", held in Almaty Kazakhstan in September 2009.

In late July, Qi attended the international workshop on Semi-arid study held in Changchun of Jilin Province, China, presenting on the NEESPI program and Carbon Change under Climate Change

He also presented an overview of integrative methods in land use change studies based on his work at the International Symposium on Modern Ecology which was held at Lanzhou University, Lanzhou China in June. The theme of the symposium focused on large-scale ecology and sustainability.



What is Global Change Research?

Humans are increasingly having profound effects on the environment at a global scale. Global change research takes an interdisciplinary approach to environmental science, linking several disciplines involving both the social and bio-physical sciences. Topics such as climate change, tropical deforestation, and loss of biodiversity are examples of areas of study. Because the science is global, remote sensing by earth-observing satellites is an important measurement tool.  Visit the rest of our site to learn more!
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