Myung Sik Cho

Myung Sik  Cho
  • Research Associate
  • Ph.D. Conferee


My research interests rest in assessing human impacts on the environment based on LCLUC and RS. Especially, I am interested in extracting and utilizing spatial data to quantify unintended environmental results from human activities. Many serious environmental problems have occurred unintendedly due to our decision because we don’t have enough understanding the interaction between human and the environment. I believe that spatial methods can provide powerful insights to quantify and understand the problems. For these reasons, I studied many cutting-edge spatial technologies, including UAVs and object-based image analysis, in the master degree from Kyung Hee University in South Korea and worked two years for applying the technologies to the real world as a spatial analysis in the Korean Army. During my dissertation work I was involved in the Mekong River Basin Project under Dr. Jiaguo Qi, my advisor, to quantify the influences of dams, one of the most complex human impacts, to the people and the environment. I am focusing on extracting spatial data from various imageries (e.g. optical, microwave, night-time images and UAVs), quantifying the environmental results and disentangling the interactions between the human decision and the environment in order to provide suggestions for further policies.