Dr. Amber L. Pearson

Amber L. Pearson
  • Adjunct Associate Professor
  • Department of Geography, Environment, and Spatial Sciences


I am a health geographer with a focus on social justice and understanding the unexpected tenacity, adaptability and resilience of the underprivileged. I have diverse regional interests from poor to wealthy countries. My work features strong geospatial and epidemiologic methods and critical development thinking.

Specifically, my research relates to aspects of the built, physical and social environment that bolster health in the face of adversity. While I have worked on topics ranging from access to healthy foods, air pollutants, social isolation, and understanding social deprivation of neighborhoods, I also have an explicit focus on water research.

My water research is at the intersection of spatial and social dimensions of health with a focus on water availability. My overall research goal is to understand the interactions between human-induced ecological change, political and social dimensions of access to water, and human agency/coping strategies to improve health and wellbeing while paying careful attention to health inequalities and environmental justice.

Adjunct Fellow, University of Otago, Wellington, New Zealand 

I am part of MSU’s Global Water Initiative and have a partial appointment with MSU’s Environmental Science and Policy Program.