Our Future on Earth 2020

February 13, 2020

The Future Earth global research network has just released a new and compelling report “connecting the dots between what society is currently experiencing – from fires to food shortages to a rise in populism – with recent developments in the research community” (Future Earth 2020).   In that report, Our Future on Earth 2020, physical and social scientists come together to provide the latest scientific insights into how we can still chart a more sustainable route for life on our planet.

One of those chapters is Food: Rethinking Global Security”, co-authored by Jiaguo Qi, MSU CGCEO and his colleagues Pamela Katic, Aditi Mukherji, Alice Ruhwez and Maria Spierenburg – hailing from the UK, India, Kenya, and the Netherlands respectively. This chapter is a result of the Future Earth NEXUS Knowledge Action Network (KAN) Steering Committee (SC).    

You can learn more about this book at https://futureearth.org/publications/our-future-on-earth/.