Global Long-Term Multi-Sensor Web-Enabled Landsat Data Record – A Continuation Request

This NASA proposal continuation request is to reprocess and continue the product
generation of:
(i) monthly and annual 30 m global WELD products for six 3-year epochs centered on
1985, 1990, 1995, 2000, 2005, and 2010 (using the new Collection 1 Landsat data as
(ii) weekly, monthly, seasonal, and annual 30 m CONUS WELD products from 1982 to
2012 (using the new Collection 1 CONUS ARD as inputs),
(iii) annual 30 m percent land cover and 5-year land cover change products for the
CONUS, 1985 to 2010 (using the data from (ii) as inputs).

The products will be generated in reverse chronological order to take advantage of the
growing U.S. Landsat archive as data continue to be repatriated from international
receiving stations. The products will continue to be distributed in HDF, in GeoTiff, and
with native resolution browses via the NASA Global Image Browse Service.